The Dempster’s would like to thank you for an overall great experience, and the opportunity for Bobby to play with some terrific players in a great tournament. He definitely benefited from this, and even gave us a chance for a little vacation time! 

- Rob Dempster (Father)

We had an amazing time. Everything ran smoothly, and we found the tournament so well organized. Thank you for the opportunity to be a part of it. It was truly a privilege to be invited. Thanks again for such an enjoyable week!

- Reagan and Cynthia Hall

I wanted to say a huge thank you to you for an amazing tournament!  Quinn had a blast...and so did we!!!  We absolutely love the bus to and from the hotel for the players!!! You put a ton of work into planning the tournament, and it shows!!  WE thank you once again from the bottom of our hearts!!!

- Jodi Fox

Great experience.  Loved the schedule as it allowed to boys to meet new people and make new acquaintances. I wold not change a thing. Saluting both countries before the game was a welcome surprise; don't see that at this level of hockey anywhere; my hats off to you for doing that.

- Jim Macris (Father)

I just want to say we found the tournament to be extremely well organized and a great combination of both a family vacation ie touring the grand Canyon etc‎ and good hockey experience.  Thanks again for putting together this great opportunity!  

- Tim Mack (Father)

On behalf of Tanner and my husband and I, we cannot thank you enough for such an amazing week at the Desert Cup. The value paid for the tournament and what Tanner received in return is the best we have ever seen in all spring/summer tournaments we have ever attended. The friendships made on and off the ice for Tanner are what is most important. I honestly cannot find a single negative thing about the week. The schedule was excellent and we loved the one game each day with one day off. Everything that the players received as well as the bussing to and from games were top notch. We cannot thank you enough for allowing Tanner the privilege of participating in the Desert Cup. It was an awesome experience for him as well as our family.

- Laurie Main (Mother)


Just wanted to say Thank you to the Desert Cup coaches, mentors, organizers, and staff.  What an incredible tournament right from the beginning to the end. So well organized and run from the athlete's swag bags to the announcers at the hockey games. The participants and families enjoyed the format of the tourney allowing for both hockey games and downtime for taking in the sights of Vegas. Luxor hotel was great for team bonding and amenities like shows, shopping and pool time. Again couldn't have asked for anything more, thanks for allowing us to be part of the 2014 Desert Cup.


- Sue Hoard (Mother) & Brock Hoard (Player)

This tournament was just excellent.  Great schedule, transportation for the players was very convenient, level of play, great players with talent and character, wonderful families, very well run.

- Lilly Landikusic (Mother)

The Desert Cup Tournament was a great experience!! My son really enjoyed playing Hockey at this high level as well as being treated like a "Junior" player by the highly skilled coaching staff and mentors. The tournament is very well organized and is a great way to take a vacation and play some very "high level" hockey. I would recommend this tournament to any high-level player.

- Brandon Mannek (Father)