The 5th Annual Desert Cup Tournament will take place July 1st-6th 2018. This year will see the best 2003 & 2004 birth year players in North America compete in Las Vegas. The focus of this week-long competition will be an introduction to the “next level” of hockey. Coaching staffs from across Canada and the U.S. will work with “player mentors” to immerse the athletes in an environment they will experience in the years to come. The player mentors will come from various levels and leagues to provide the players with as much information as possible.

​In addition to the hockey, there is a five night vacation included. This will provide an opportunity for families to enjoy time away from the rink. Players and their families will have a chance to communicate with the player mentors and their families as well. The atmosphere created is unique to this tournament and will offer everyone involved the best week of hockey of their life.

ELITE AAA Hockey in the desert